Facebook, Apple Trade Shots Over Data Privacy Scandal

Facebook has dealt with intense criticism from the public, lawmakers and privacy advocates for its role in a massive data breach that saw the information from almost 50 million people fall into the wrong hands. Now even other tech companies are piling on, with Apple CEO Tim Cook blasting Facebook in a recent interview. Then, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg responded with strong words of his own for his fellow tech leader.  

In an interview for an upcoming special on MSNBC, Cook was asked what he would do if he were in Zuckerberg’s position. His answer was quite harsh.

“I wouldn’t be in this situation. We care about the user experience and we’re not going to traffic in your personal life,” Cook said. “I think it’s an invasion of privacy. I think it’s… privacy to us is a human right. It’s a civil liberty, and is something that is unique to America, this is like freedom of speech and freedom of the press and privacy is right up there for us.”

In response, Zuckerberg called Cook’s criticism “extremely glib. And not at all aligned with the truth.”

Apple has famously stood up for user privacy before, but it’s still notable to see one tech mogul attack another in such a candid way. If anything, this just illustrates how serious the problem of Facebook’s privacy rules really are.