Facebook Bans Video Of Mothers Giving Birth

The three-minute-long clip was shared by Monet Nicole, a Colorado-based birth photographer and videographer. It depicts a series of diverse mothers giving birth in a variety of settings. Nicole first posted the video in May 2017 to celebrate Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t until this week that Facebook suddenly removed it.

Nicole first discovered her video had been blocked when she was suddenly logged out of Facebook. Then, she logged back in and claims she was prompted to review her photos and select any with nudity. There were none. However, that didn’t stop Facebook from removing her video and claiming it violated the site’s Community Standards. In response, Nicole took to Facebook and slammed the site’s decision.

“Have we reached a point in our obsession with apps and usernames that we’ve forgotten that behind our pixelated screens are real bodies?” Nicole wrote. “Facebook, LIFE should never be against your community standards.”

This seems like another case of Facebook’s algorithm making a mistake, but that doesn’t mean the company shouldn’t take responsibility for incidents like this.