Facebook Bans Woman For Sharing Breastfeeding Article—On A Breastfeeding Page

censorship2-200Facebook can’t seem to catch a break with how it treats users. The social media giant again stirred up anger this week when it banned a woman for sharing an article about breastfeeding—on a breastfeeding support page, no less.

Karen Gill-Rich received the ban for posting in a private Facebook group. The article she shared was written by a lactation consultant, and included photos of breasts as a visual example. Facebook decided this violated its Community Standards against nudity, and banned her for a week for sharing it.

After her profile was restored, Gill-Rich posted an open letter to Facebook that hit back hard against the platform.

“A quick search and I can find Karma Sutra positions with links to videos, topless beach babes with a poorly placed scribble across her nips, vibrators and many other pages with similar, sexual content,” she wrote. “I can join these groups and buy these products and services. I can even link up with a group that does live sex both using Facebook live… all with Facebook’s blessing. Yet I can’t link an article to help a mother feed her baby.”

This is just the latest incident in a long history of Facebook blocking the wrong people for the wrong reasons. And as long as the site continues to lean on AI to censor content, it will likely continue.