Facebook Briefly Bans The Phrase “Everyone Will Know,” Creeps Out Users

Yellow Warning Sign - WTF - IsolatedThis week, Facebook briefly blocked users from posting the words “everyone will know.” The combination of the sudden weird censorship and ominous-sounding combination of words had some users spooked, though Facebook said it was a simple error.

“This was a mistake with our spam filter and our engineers have resolved the issue,” Facebook security communications representative Melanie Ensign told The Huffington Post. “We’re constantly updating the rules used by our spam-fighting engine and this particular phrase erroneously got caught in the mix.”

What’s even creepier, the words were even censored from private messages, and even some instances of the phrase before the censorship were deleted.

The glitch attracted the attention of people around the Internet; a Reddit thread was created to discuss it, and one concerned user posted about it on Questions.com.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on maybe its something for Halloween? But its scary as s**t. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg is hiding something?” user Lau05k wrote.

Even though it’s a seemingly innocuous error, the fact that it caused so many people to freak out is telling. No matter what Facebook does, a share of its users will always be suspicious of its motives.