Facebook Bug Resurfaces Years-Old Messages

There was a strange problem with Facebook this week that caused the platform to automatically resurface users’ old chats, forcing some to confront moments from their past they wished to forget.

At first, the issue triggered fears of a security breach, but Facebook was quick to announce that the bug only stemmed from software updates. This isn’t the first time Facebook has accidentally dropped old messages on unsuspecting users, and just like last time, many people had to relive painful moments from their lives, such as the loss of loved ones.

“Thank you @facebook for sending me notifications of messages sent over a year old,” one Twitter user wrote. “Many were from the day my partner, Dean, passed away & now I’ve spent my evening in fear of what else I’m going to see.”

Thankfully, Facebook acted quickly and resolved the problem within a day. The social media giant also apologized for any “inconvenience” it may have caused.

Even though this is a relatively minor issue that doesn’t seem to have affected many users, it serves as a good reminder of just how much personal information Facebook controls. It knows enough about us to make us feel bad, and that’s an unsettling thought.