Facebook Builds Standardized Security Wall

facebook-security-2Facebook announced this week that it has built a standardized security wall from the ground up called ThreatData, a system that gathers information on malware, phishing and other security risks from around the Internet. The system uses the information to create maps and models for emerging threats.

“Helping keep the Internet free of threats is a huge challenge that has never been more important,” Facebook wrote in a blog post this week. “For us to do our part effectively, we must continually search for new types of attacks and deeply understand existing ones… We wanted an easier way to organize our work and incorporate new threat information we receive so that we can do more to protect people.”

ZDNet also points out that, with Facebook’s ongoing move toward open source technology, the site could implement some kind of enormous database of cyber threat information. The site has been on the offensive since last year to prove that both their security measures and care for their users’ privacy is important to them. Gathering such a large amount of information could be a good way to help the Internet deal with cyber criminals as a whole.