Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Pledges Support To Net Neutrality

Original Round Blue Facebook Web IconThis week, protesters and advocates held an Internet-wide “day of action” over the issue of net neutrality. Many tech giants, including Facebook, Google and Amazon, joined the fight to preserve these protections and ensure the Internet stays accessible for everyone. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg weighed in personally, offering to work with congress on laws to protect net neutrality.

“If a service provider can block you from seeing certain content or can make you pay extra for it, that hurts all of us and we should have rules against it,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. “Right now, the FCC has rules in place to make sure the Internet continues to be an open platform for everyone. At Facebook, we strongly support those rules.”

Beyond just looking out for its users, there’s a good reason Facebook wants to prevent major cable and Internet companies from gaining more control over the Internet. Namely, it would mean less control for it. Still, no one wants to see cable companies obtain an even bigger monopoly over our Internet and TV service. It’s undoubtedly a good thing the social media giant is working to protect our right to free and open Internet.