Facebook Calms iOS Users About Location Privacy

Technology SecurityApple’s new iOS 8 will change location-tracking permissions from the current “Yes/No” choice to the more nuanced “Always/While Using The App/Never.” To calm potential privacy-concerned users, Facebook published a blog post this week detailing what the change means (and doesn’t mean) for Facebook mobile users.

“Nothing has changed about how Facebook gets location information from devices, but Apple has updated its Location Services setting,” the site wrote. “Facebook isn’t getting any new location information when you upgrade to iOS 8… You control your location information. Nothing is changing and Facebook will continue to respect the choices you’ve made about location.”

If users already have their location-tracking set to “On,” it will automatically be set to “Always” when they update to iOS 8. Facebook also said that it will not gather information on mobile users when they aren’t running the app, unless they’ve given permission to features like Nearby Friends.

Given the amount of bad publicity Facebook has received for its privacy practices, it’s probably a good idea for the company to try and get out in front of potential issues like this. But despite the site’s assurances, it’s still a good idea to check your location tracking settings both before and after you update to iOS 8.