Facebook Creates 11 New Security Guides

facebook_securityFacebook published 11 new interactive visual guides to its privacy and security settings this week. The subjects of the guides include “Hacked Accounts,” “Spam,” “Phishing” and “How You’re Protected.” The site says it wants to help users secure their accounts. It also wants to educate users about what Facebook does to protect their profiles and what they can do to recognize potential attempts to compromise their information.

“Online threats are a growing concern for people, and our hope is that this helps people better understand how to stay safe and secure on Facebook,” the site said in a blog post announcing the guides.

All of these illustrated guides fall under the Privacy Basics tool launched by Facebook last November. That site lets users see what others see about them on the site and even the ways in which they interact with their friends. With the addition of the 11 new guides, now the feature goes even deeper, teaching users how best to protect themselves.

Facebook has tried time and again to properly educate users about their privacy settings, though the message still has yet to stick completely. Try as they might to reach people, the site’s active user base (over 1.3 billion strong) is simply too large to inform en masse about helpful changes like this. Even if hundreds of thousands of users see the new tool and change their settings, it’s still just a drop in the bucket of the social media giant’s overall pool of users.