Facebook Creates Security Checkup Tool To Keep Your Account Safe

facebook_securityFacebook launched a new feature this week called Security Checkup for a limited number of users. The tool, which appears at the top of user’s news feeds, will give users information and tips about securing their profile, including changing their password, turning on Login Alerts to receive notifications if someone else tries to access their account and cleaning up login sessions.

“We invest considerable resources to create a safe and secure experience for everyone on Facebook. That means building security technologies directly into our platform that are always working to protect your information, as well as offering tools you can use to increase your account security,” Melissa Lu-Van, Facebook’s Site Integrity Manager, wrote in a blog post announcing the tool. “Between this new checkup and the security content we recently added to Facebook Privacy Basics, it’s easier than ever to find the information you want about how we protect your account and what tools are available to you.”

While this tool sounds a lot like Privacy Checkup, a similar feature Facebook launched in September (it’s the one with the blue dinosaur logo), there are a few key differences. Privacy Checkup reminds users what privacy settings are already at their disposal, while Security Checkup is more geared toward protecting them from potential threats. Though this feature is limited for now, hopefully Facebook rolls it out to a wider audience soon.