Facebook Critics File Complaint Calling The Company A “Serial Privacy Violator”

With all of the scandals piling up for Facebook, it’s easy to forget the revelation just last month that over 30 million users had their accounts breached in the largest attack in the platform’s history. However, a coalition of Facebook’s critics has not forgotten, and that group has now filed a complaint against the company with the Federal Trade Commission.

Some of the information revealed by the attack last month includes users’ contact information, search history, demographics and more sensitive data. Facebook apologized for the breach and notified affected users, but those steps were not sufficient enough for The Freedom From Facebook Coalition—a group that has previously called for Facebook to be dissolved. According to the group’s complaint, the breach may actually be in violation of a 2011 privacy agreement with the FTC.

“Facebook, Inc. is a serial privacy violator that cannot be trusted,” the complaint read. “It has grown too big and its products have become too integrated and too complex to manage. Not only can we no longer trust Facebook, Inc. to manage its system safely, the corporation no longer has the capacity to do so effectively.”

This sort of public criticism is the last thing Facebook needs following a bombshell New York Times story published this week about the company’s controversial inner workings. But still, last month’s hack really was the biggest in Facebook’s history, and it needs to be held fully accountable for it.