Facebook Developing Private Sharing App called ‘Moments’

Share buttonAccording to TechCrunch, Facebook is internally testing a new private-sharing app called “Moments” that would allow users to micro-share content with only select individuals.

A source who saw the app told TechCrunch that it provides a clean, visual layout of a user’s friend list, and allows them to create “spaces” to share in. It isn’t immediately obvious what the app would do differently than Facebook’s private Messenger feature, besides provide a more visual template, and it also isn’t a given that the app will be released at all. There have been no formal announcements about the product, nor is it certain that it would even be called “Moments” if released. Many different Facebook apps have either come and gone or failed to catch on with mainstream users, and Moments could be no different.

“Moments will have to provide obvious, instant value far beyond the main Facebook app to get big,” Josh Constine wrote on TechCrunch. “But even if it doesn’t reach widespread popularity, encouraging more frequent sharing of different types of content is valuable to Facebook even on a small scale.”

Facebook’s ultimate goal is to provide a more engaging experience to its users, and allowing them to share privately with the people that matter most could be an effective way of encouraging more activity on the site. However, whether or not Facebook can convince users to trust its security and privacy measures is another matter.