Facebook Doesn’t Consider Fat-Shaming Group Hate Speech

facebook_blackbg_logoFacebook refused a request this week to take down a group called “Just Stop Being Fat” that posts offensive pictures that fat-shame women.

The group, which has over 500 followers, shares negative messages about fat people and positive ones about being thin.

“My holiday trip to the beach turned into an assault. An assault on my eyes,” one post read, accompanying a picture of an obese woman in a bathing suit. “As I sat there trying to enjoy my view of the ocean, my view became a parade of cows down the beach. One obese person after the next! Thankfully a few had the decency to cover their body.”

Another group sprung up to get the fat-shaming group taken down, but when they reported the page to Facebook, they received a generic response from the site saying that the fat-shaming page did not contain hate speech and did not violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

“We stand up for a greater cause,” the anti-fat-shaming group said. “We stand up so that we can create a precedent within online social media outlets that says they will not tolerate the harassment of others who wish to live peacefully.”

The advocate group wants to get Facebook to better define its rules so it can fight content like this, but that’s a tall task indeed. For now, the offensive group is allowed to remain up.