Facebook Enables Users to Edit Posts

facebook_logo_flatIf you’ve ever posted something on Facebook that you’ve immediately wanted to tweak or correct, Facebook has a solution for you. This week, the site announced that it would roll out a new feature for its web platform and Android Facebook app allowing users to edit posts and comments.

Facebook, a lightning rod of privacy issues lately, has already addressed many people’s primary concern with this feature. Facebook will mark posts that have been edited and allow users to see a history of the changes made to the content. This will prevent users from being suckered into liking a post that is edited after the fact. In other words, you won’t look bad if you like an innocuous post that is changed to something offensive after you’ve already given it your stamp of approval.

While that scenario could still happen, Facebook is banking on users not wanting to pull a fast one on their friends. However, the greater concern should be for spam users or pages exploiting this new feature. Many spammers collect likes and fans on their profiles or pages and then sell them for a huge profit. This feature could provide them with an easier way to garner fans’ likes before changing the message entirely.