Facebook Exec: It’s Impossible To Completely Block Offensive Content

facebook-general-3Facebook knows it faces an uphill battle when it comes to policing itself. After all, the social media giant has nearly 2 billion active users located in countries all around the world. With a platform that large, it’s enormously challenging to find and delete every piece of offensive content. However, one Facebook executive argued publicly this week that it’s actually impossible.

“Our policy is zero tolerance — that doesn’t mean zero occurrence,” Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s global head of sales, said in an interview with CNBC. “There are bad things that are going to happen… That is reality. That is life. Facebook is a reflection of that life. It is our job to make the community as safe as possible. Not only for the people that use it, which is incredibly important of course, but also for the brands we work with.”

Of course, she followed this up by reiterating that Facebook is a “safe place” for brands, and that the site has made a commitment to cleaning up hate speech, terrorism and other forms of offensive content.

It’s worth noting that, for as much as Facebook declares there’s “no place” for this kind of material on its pages, the site knows it can never solve the problem entirely. In other words, we can hope for it to get better, but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath for it to fix every issue.