Facebook Finally Rolls Out Graph Search for Everyone

graph-search-logoEarly this week, Facebook finally and officially implemented the Graph Search function that had previously only been in a beta stage, allowing users to search through any piece of content that has ever been shared with them on the site. The feature, which has been tested on a small group of users since September 2013, has gradually begun to roll out to iPhone and desktop Facebook users.

“Your search results are personalized and unique to you and, as always, you can only see things that have been shared with you,” Facebook’s VP of search, Tom Stocky, wrote in a blog post announcing the update. “Search at Facebook is a long-term effort. Today is a step toward helping you tap into the experiences and perspectives of your friends.”

This new tool is a huge step forward for Facebook’s functionality, which will now catalog your information into easily-searchable archives for you and your friends. However, it also has big ramifications for user privacy. Before Graph Search, anything you posted would fade down your Timeline and become more and more difficult to find as time passed. Now, anything you share on the site can be called up with a few short keystrokes by either you or the person you shared it with. That makes for a more convenient search engine, but it also means that you need to be more careful than ever with what you share on your Facebook profile.

Be sure to lock down your Facebook privacy settings!