Facebook Games Endangering Internet Security


Facebook games are hugely popular in the workplace and your employees may be creating a route for cyber criminals and hackers to send in malware to your website. This is just part of the findings from a half yearly report submitted by CISCO that sought to re-establish its fears that social media, virtualiasation and cloud computing as well as mobile devices are throwing open large sections of the internet to marauders.

The study found that among a world wide sample of Facebook users,7% spent 68 minutes a day playing “FarmVille ”.”MafiaWars”was second at 5% (52 minutes daily) with “Cafe World” a close third with 4% users and a playtime of 36 minutes a day.

While productivity loss is not a security issue, CISCO says that cyber criminals are at work to penetrate corporate I.T. infrastructure through social media networks. Terror organizations are posing new threats and the U, S., government is about to fund research into the ways social media can be co-coordinated and manipulated by the terror outfits. The results may not surprise us as terrorist groups have already used chat rooms to plot attacks and conscript sympathizers. CISCO’S study finds the enemy lurking within the corporate world. It says 50% of all users routinely ignores policy restricting use of social media at least once a week,while 27% admitted to changing settings on company devices in order to gain access to banned applications.

Here are CISCO’s recommendations to corporate enterprise: :

  1. Set harsh limits on an access to business data and enforce pre-user policies for access to data
  2. Create policy for mobile applications.
  3. Monitor cloud computing through the use of new tools and help employees use social media properly..

But enforcing such discipline may not be all that easy, according to another CISCO study that found employees are always trying to circumvent security policy. Many employees use unsupported devices that can leak valuable business data as well as applications that are not supported by the company’s security policy.

Cisco’s research has also found that cyber criminals are studying the time it tales for them to exploit vulnerability on the internet and the time taken by the networks to react and plug the gap.

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