Facebook Gets Tough On Fake “Live” Videos

fake stampFacebook announced this week that it will strengthen its Facebook Live policy to prevent fake streams.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook will add a line to its Live API Facebook Platform Policy that reads “Don’t use the API to publish only images (ex: don’t publish static, animated, or looping images), or to live-stream polls associated with unmoving or ambient broadcasts.”

There’s no question live videos are attention-grabbing. Unfortunately, shady content producers are ready and willing to take advantage of that fact. Hiding content inside of an allegedly “Live” video is no different than common clickbait practices like sensational headlines or the promise of salacious pictures of celebrities if you click through a link.

Facebook said it’s implementing the change in response to user complaints. Indeed, this isn’t the first time Facebook has taken action on the issue; in December, the site banned graphics-only Facebook Live videos that used Likes and Reactions to entice users to vote in their News Feeds.

This is one small problem of many that Facebook faces with its Live technology, but it’s good to know the site is interested in improving the experience. Facebook Live is far from perfect (the spate of recent horrific violent videos illustrates that), but at least the site is trying.