Facebook Group Steals Baby Photos, Makes Fun of Them

fb_groupsA Facebook group stands accused of stealing baby photos from other users’ profiles for the purposes of making fun of them. According to the TV station that first reported on it, the page was taking unprotected photos of children it deemed “ugly” from other people’s profiles and then posting them to solicit mockery. Some of the images have even been edited to appear side by side with cartoon characters to emphasize the children’s supposed similarity. Of course, this photo theft did not sit well with the parents who discovered pictures of their children being ridiculed.

“So I’m posting pictures of my son’s first day in kindergarten or Ivy’s new outfit or something just naively posting it up there so my friends can see, not realizing there’s a group that takes these pictures and targets these children and makes fun of them,” said Ellen Veach, one of the mothers who discovered photos of her child on the page. “That’s just something I wouldn’t even think a mother or grown woman would do.”

The site has supposedly been taken down, and Facebook says it’s investigating the matter. However, the incident serves as a valuable reminder that Facebook users need to check their privacy settings to ensure that “friends of friends” can’t find their content. If you don’t adjust your settings properly, anything can be found, and as this cruel page indicates, anything can be done with your info.