Facebook Has Started Notifying Other Users About Your Behavior

Eye Looking Through A KeyholeAt this point, it’s well understood that Facebook knows virtually everything about how you behave online. However, the social media giant recently took it to the next level when it began to notify other users about what you’re doing.

You’ve probably gotten these annoying and creepy notifications yourself: they tell you how many days in a row you’ve shared content, and also when a friend posts who hasn’t been active in a while. Facebook Messenger also sends a notification when you connect with a new friend, encouraging you to start up a conversation.

This is all done with the intention of promoting engagement with the site, but many users have expressed annoyance with the new feature.

“’You’ve shared 34 days in a row and your friends are responding’? What the? Facebook, keeping track is so not necessary. Have mercy,” one user wrote.

Facebook defended itself with a simple explanation: it just wants to help you connect.

“We’re always looking for ways to help people share and connect on Facebook. Notifications are one of the ways we do this,” a Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Of course, it isn’t the notifications themselves that are creepy — it’s the fact that Facebook watches us so closely. The last thing we need is another reminder of that.