Facebook Hired A Pollster To Monitor Mark Zuckerberg’s Approval Rating

In case it wasn’t already clear that Facebook behaves like Big Brother, it was revealed this week that Facebook hired a full-time pollster to monitor Mark Zuckerberg’s approval rating.

Tavis McGinn said he first applied to Facebook hoping to land a job in market research, and hopefully influence the way that the social media giant conducts business. “I joined Facebook hoping to have an impact from the inside,” he told The Verge. However, he was soon assigned with the full-time job of tracking Mark Zuckerberg’s approval rating around the world. McGinn monitored the response to Zuckerberg’s speeches, posts, interviews and more. Of course, all of this will fuel speculation that Zuckerberg is running for office, but the real story for users concerned with Facebook’s power is why McGinn quit.

“You have one individual, 33 years old, who has basically full control of the experience of 2 billion people around the world,” he said. “That’s unprecedented. Even the president of the United States has checks and balances. At Facebook, it’s really this one person.”

“The more Facebook builds profit, the more it’s at the expense of the American people,” he continued.

Lately, there has been a steady and increasing drumbeat of criticism for Facebook from its former employees. As the people who know how it operates best, that should be deeply concerning for users on the outside.