Facebook Is Asking Users To Upload A Selfie To Verify Identity

Facebook may soon take its security efforts a step further, and in a big way. According to a report this week, since confirmed by WIRED, Facebook will begin asking users to upload a selfie if their profile is flagged for suspicious activity.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the identity test that asked to “please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face.” The site then said it will check the photo and “permanently delete it from our servers.”

For its part, Facebook confirmed the existence of the automated feature and explained its reasoning behind it.

“[It’s intended to] help us catch suspicious activity at various points of interaction on the site, including creating an account, sending Friend requests, setting up ads payments, and creating or editing ads,” Facebook told WIRED in a statement.

It’s unclear what steps Facebook has taken to ensure the feature can’t be tricked. It also isn’t known how long the tool has been in use — some users reported seeing the security prompt as early as April. But regardless of when the feature officially rolls out for everyone, it’s sure to stir up controversy. Facebook already knows what we look like, but there’s something distinctly uncomfortable about sending a pic of yourself just to prove who you are.