Facebook Launches “Did You Know” Questionnaire To Gather Even More Of Your Data

There’s no doubt about it: Facebook knows a ton about how you tick. From the content we share to the photos we post, the world’s largest social network possesses a vast array of information about how we think and feel. However, it wants to know even more. That’s why Facebook is launching a new feature this week called “Did You Know,” where you can answer questions about yourself related to your dreams, goals, feelings and more.

Some of the questions are pretty goofy and light-hearted, like “The superpower I want most is…” or “The first thing I’d do after winning the lottery is…” However, some of the questions want users to reveal their emotional states, like “Mondays make me feel like…” Other questions want users to reveal information that could pretty obviously be used for advertising purposes, like what teams they cheer for.

With more and more users sharing links, pictures and videos instead of Facebook’s old-fashioned text-only statuses, this new feature seems like a transparent way to get users to gush their innermost thoughts and feelings again. However, people are savvier now than they used to be. So will they still willingly share this personal information with Facebook when they’re getting nothing in return?