Facebook Might Soon Ask You To Reset Your Password

padlock_blue_whiteLast weekend, several of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s social media profiles were allegedly hacked because he re-used the same password to access them. Now you may soon receive a notification from Facebook asking you to change your password for the same reason — recent data breaches on other major websites may have exposed your log-in info.

According to security researcher Brian Krebs, Facebook combs through data breaches from other sites and looks for login credentials that match its users. Then, if it finds that your password has been compromised elsewhere, Facebook will prompt you to change your password to the social media giant.

While this may seem like a ton of work for Facebook to monitor all of its users’ passwords around the web, it’s not a new practice for the site.

“After at a breach discovered at Adobe in 2013 exposed tens of millions Adobe customer credentials, Facebook scoured the leaked Adobe password data for credential recycling among its users,” Krebs wrote. Netflix is reportedly notifying it users with a similar security feature.

It’s a little creepy for Facebook to track your password info like this, but it’s undeniably helpful, too. Most users don’t have the time or knowledge to find out if their personal info was compromised in a hacking attack, but Facebook does — and it can help protect you.