Facebook Ordered To Explain Why It Deleted Deceased Man’s Profile

Facebook is known to keep a lot of rules close to its chest when it comes to removing content. The company has published these guidelines in the past, but it has so many different and seemingly-conflicting rules that releasing them has only added to the confusion about what the site does and does not allow. However, the company may have to answer for itself after a judge recently demanded the social media giant explain why it took down the profile of a deceased man.  

After Mirza Krupalija suffered a fatal heart attack in 2016, Facebook said it received a request to remove his profile. However, the man’s partner, Azra Sabados, said she had no knowledge of this. Sabados said she spent a year asking Facebook for more details before finally pursuing legal action. Now, a UK high court has ordered Facebook to appear within 21 days to explain its actions.

“It meant so much to me that in court the judge agreed that what was done was wrongdoing, it wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair, it caused a lot of distress,” Sabados said. “We want Facebook to say exactly what their process is when they receive such a request—behind that profile was a human being and there are lots of people affected, a circle of friends who love that person.”

Though it can take work to get Facebook to publically atone for its mistakes, it’s always a good thing when it does happen. The more we know about the company’s inner workings, the better.