Facebook Page Created To Shame South African Cyberbullies

say_no_to_bullyingA South African private investigator was tired of being defamed and harassed by anonymous cyberbullies. But instead of quietly accepting the trolls, he decided to take justice into his hands by creating Bully Busters South Africa, a Facebook page dedicated to exposing and shaming cyberbullies.

The private eye, Brad Nathanson, says that he and his wife have been victims of cyberbullying since 2013, reaching a point where the couple said “enough is enough.” He says that he wanted to create a page to act as both a support group for other victims of cyberbullying and a way to strike back at the bullies themselves.

“Just like me, there are many others experiencing similar problems and they don’t have a platform to express themselves. This started out as a little community of just over 1,000 people who have liked the page, but I am expecting it to grow,” he said. “It is also going to be a platform to name and shame people. It is the South African community taking a no-nonsense approach to cyberbullies.”

While it may feel good in the moment to seek revenge against cyberbullies, actions like this could also inflame tensions and only result in more harassment. Instead, you can use Facebook’s own set of official tools for users to report abuse or bullying.