Facebook Photo May Have Led To Home Invasion, Murder

alert-150x150Last week, a 50-year-old electronics repairman in Philadelphia named Tony Harris posted a photo on Facebook of his wife holding thick stacks of cash. Exactly one week later, three young men broke into his home and murdered him.

The original photo included a joking caption from Harris that said “I misplaced $60,000.00. I hope my wife didn’t go shopping with it.” In the picture, Harris’ wife is posing with three enormous stacks of cash. However, Harris’ nephew told the Philadelphia Enquirer that the picture was a joke, and that the stacks were only made of one-dollar bills with lone $20 bills on top.

Then, a week later, three young men broke into his home, asking again and again, “Where’s the money?” One held a gun to his wife’s head while they searched the home, and Harris continually denied having any money. The would-be robbers then shot him in the head, and he died early the next morning.

This is an extremely serious and sad case that shows just how dangerous it can be to reveal personal information on social media. Criminals have been known to scope out social media profiles to find out when potential robbery targets are out of town, but this is far worse than that. If you own something valuable, definitely think twice before bragging about it publicly online.