Facebook Removes “Delete Post” Option From Desktop Version

Facebook loves to talk about all the privacy control it gives us. However, some eagle-eyed users noticed the site quietly ditched an important feature in its desktop version this week — the ability to delete posts.

It’s unclear if the change is a mistake, but the “Delete” option is missing from Facebook for Desktop. Fortunately, users on Facebook’s mobile app and mobile website can still get rid of unwanted content. Desktop users can still delete posts from the Activity Log, but it just isn’t as convenient as a quick click from the post itself. Users can still hide posts from their Timeline, but that isn’t the same thing as getting rid of content entirely.

Now, it’s entirely possible this is just a glitch, or a side effect from one of Facebook’s many usability tests. But if that’s the case, Facebook needs to address the situation quickly. Many users have already taken to social media to express concern with the change. “I will not post on #Facebook anymore because they have removed the ability to delete one’s own posts,” user Cindy Kohtala wrote on Twitter.

Per usual, Facebook’s lack of transparency leaves people with no choice but to speculate — and worry — about what the company is up to.