Facebook Reportedly Testing Self-Destructing Messages

messenger_icon_2In a move that’s certain to appeal to privacy-minded users, it was reported this week that Facebook is testing a disappearing messages capability in its Messenger app.

A Twitter account called @iOSAppChanges published several screenshots of the reported disappearing messages feature. The images include text that reads “You turned on disappearing messages. New messages will disappear from this conversation 15 minutes after being sent.” It was also surmised that Facebook could soon include end-to-end encryption and “secret conversations” within Messenger, further protecting user privacy.

It makes a ton of sense why the social media giant would be interested in features like this. Popular apps like Snapchat and Telegram also include disappearing messages, and if those traits go from being viewed as a must-have instead of a nice bonus, Facebook could be left in the dust if it doesn’t include them. Of course, Facebook also wants you to do more than ever within its Messenger platform, including making financial transactions, so it’s probably a good idea to introduce another layer of security.

Though this new feature is undoubtedly a savvy business move (Facebook ultimately just wants to control more of the messaging market), these kinds of privacy improvements are still a good thing for users.