Facebook Security Chief Privately Criticizes Company’s Security Practices

facebook-security-2-200Facebook receives heaps of criticism from users, watchdog groups and privacy advocates alike for not doing enough to bolster security. Now you can add one more interesting figure to that list of detractors: Facebook’s own security chief.

According to a report from ZDNet, Facebook security boss Alex Stamos allegedly told a meeting of Facebook employees in July that the site has not done enough to respond to security threats. He argued that the site needs to view itself as having the responsibilities of a defense contractor—when it really runs more like a college campus.

“The threats that we are facing have increased significantly and the quality of the adversaries that we are facing,” he reportedly said. “Both technically and from a cultural perspective I don’t feel like we have caught up with our responsibility.”

“We have the threat profile of a… defense contractor, but we run our corporate network, for example, like a college campus,” he continued.

When reached for comment, Stamos said he uses the “college campus” comparison as a figure of speech, though the source that leaked audio of his comments to ZDNet told the publication that modern cybersecurity threats are “way above” Facebook’s ability to handle.

One question remains certain: if Facebook’s own head of security is concerned the company isn’t doing enough to protect us, shouldn’t we be worried, too?