Facebook to Show Less “Auto-Posts” From Apps in News Feed

facebook_logo_by_oguzburaksipsak-d4ubonk.pngAuto-posts from third-party apps are among some of the most annoying on Facebook. Whether it’s a post detailing what your friends listened to on Spotify or a tally of how far someone has ran from a fitness app, this information often does a poor job of driving engagement on the site, and can annoy users. That’s why Facebook announced this week that it will give people greater control over how their apps post to the site.

“We’ve found that stories people choose to explicitly share from third party apps are typically more interesting and get more engagement in News Feed than stories shared from third party apps without explicit action,” the site wrote in a blog post announcing the change. “We’ve also heard that people often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared without taking an explicit action.”

In other words, your News Feed won’t be as cluttered with spam-like posts from your friends apps (unless they choose to share them). However, Facebook is still extremely interested in what apps its users are using, and will continue to collect data on their practices. That means that, with the proposed cut in auto-posts, the relationship between third-party apps and Facebook will still exist, but will merely be less obvious.