Facebook Tweaking Sharing Settings for Post Options

facebook-privacy-200Facebook announced last week that it will test a series of new features that will make it easier for users to share with the intended audience on the platform. 

Currently, Facebook web users see only two options for which groups of people they share their content with: “public” and “friends.” Some of the changes to the interface that Facebook will test include adding short definitions to these terms; for instance, the “public” setting is defined as “anyone on or off Facebook.” That’s a broad spectrum of people that many users are unaware can see their posts, and adding definitions may help educate them. Facebook will also test moving the “intended audience” drop down selection tool to the top of each post instead of the lower corner. This will hopefully make it easier for users to decide who they want to better control their own online privacy.

“There’s an unpleasant surprise when you share things thinking that they’re going to be seen by one audience and then somebody you didn’t expect interacts with that,” said Mike Nowak, a Facebook product manager on the site’s privacy team. “When people have an unpleasant surprise like this, it’s bad for them and it’s bad for us.”

Nowak also said that Facebook has taken a new approach to determining privacy settings, incorporating more user feedback and conducting surveys to find out what users want to see changed. Readers: what’s your biggest pet peeve with Facebook’s privacy policies that you would like to see changed?