Facebook Underage Sex Post Leads To Over 1,000 People Getting Charged

Facebook has made a very public effort to combat so-called “revenge porn,” or the unwanted sharing of nude photos, on its platform. Those efforts got taken to a whole new level this week when the social media giant tipped off U.S. authorities about the existence of a video that purported to show two 15-year-olds having sex. American law enforcement traced the video’s origin and notified European police, and now Danish officials are criminally charging over 1,000 individuals for distributing the video.

“We want to give out a warning to young people: think about what you’re doing,” Flemming Kjaerside, a police superintendent for Denmark’s National Crime Center, told Bloomberg. “Don’t ever share sex videos. It can have consequences for the victims and also for those distributing. We really hope that it is an eye-opener for young people, that they should be careful in the digital world about what you should do.”

Officials say most of those charged shared the content a few times, but others distributed it several hundred times. If convicted, they could face possible prison sentences or immigration restrictions to the U.S.

If nothing else, this case shows how dramatically Facebook can wield its power — after all, it indirectly caused the arrests of over 1,000 people half a world away.