Facebook Upgrades, Simplifies Privacy Guide

facebook-privacyFacebook introduced a redesigned Privacy Basics page last  week on Data Privacy Day, saying that it’s “working to raise awareness of how to take charge of your information online.”

The site’s privacy controls themselves haven’t changed, but Facebook revamped the look and functionality of the tool to make it easier to use and simpler to understand. The feature is now mobile-friendly, and includes 32 interactive guides in 44 languages. The upgraded tool also now features an interactive FAQ and pop-up prompts to help users make educated privacy decisions. For instance, if you set a post to a “public” audience, you may receive a message linking to the Privacy Basics site to show you more options.

“People were already engaging with the earlier version, but we’re always looking for ways to improve, keep educating, and make our privacy controls even easier to find and use,” a Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat.

It’s noble that Facebook wants to put more power in the hands of users to control their own information. However, the site still doesn’t do a good job of educating us about how it handles our privacy. While it’s helpful to teach users the difference between public and private posts, does it really matter when the platform itself shares so much of our information with advertisers anyway?