Facebook Wants Its AI To View All Of Your Videos, Auto-Tag You And Your Friends

Technology SecurityFacebook introduced an Artificial Intelligence-powered auto-tagging feature for video this week at its annual F8 developer conference. The feature will be able to both auto-tag you and your friends, and also log the exact moment they appear in the frame.

At the conference, Facebook’s director of applied machine learning Joaquin Quinonero Candela showed an example video featuring two Facebook employees. Their faces were recognized and tagged. Two other people walk by in the background, and their faces were recognized and tagged, too.

“Importantly, the specific frames — the time stamps where they appear — are tagged too,” he said at the conference. “Imagine the power this could give you to search through tens of millions of videos and find specifically the ones that contain the people you’re interested in seeing. And jump straight to the place where they appear.”

What does this all mean? In essence, Facebook’s AI will watch every Live Video in the world, tag it and make it searchable. If you think that sounds a little bit like Big Brother, well… You’re right. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to control who tags you in photos and how you’re tagged with a few simple steps. Check out this blog post to learn how.