Facebook Wants To Guess Your Future Location

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Facebook files a lot of patents. Only a fraction of these filings ever become real — but they do tell a story about where Facebook’s priorities lie. For instance, it was revealed this week that the company has filed several patent applications for technology that would allow it to use your location data to predict where you’re going offline.

According to a report in Buzzfeed News, this as-of-now hypothetical tool would give Facebook the capability to analyze your past location data, as well as the location data of people you know and strangers in your area, to guess where you’re off to next. Using this same information, it could also guess when you’ll be in a given place.

For its part, Facebook was quick to say that it’s simply exploring its options, and there’s no guarantee this feature will ever come to fruition.

“We often seek patents for technology we never implement, and patent applications — such as this one — should not be taken as an indication of future plans,” Facebook spokesperson Anthony Harrison told Buzzfeed News.

This is small comfort, however. After all, Facebook was interested enough in this creepy tech to commit a patent to it in the first place.