Facebook Wants Your Feedback On “Hard Questions” Like Censorship

Original Round Blue Facebook Web IconFor as much criticism as Facebook gets, there’s no question the platform deals with tough issues that no other company in world history has faced. From censorship to terrorism, Facebook handles an almost-governmental level of responsibility around the world. (Of course, Facebook brought many of these issues on itself — with almost two billion worldwide users, it was always going to cope with cultural problems.)

That’s why Facebook introduced a new blog series this week called “Hard Questions” that seeks to explain to users why the social media giant makes the decisions it does.

Some of the questions that will be covered in the series include “how should platforms approach keeping terrorists from spreading propaganda content online?”, “How can we use data for everyone’s benefit, without undermining people’s trust?”, and “Is social media good for democracy?” The questions mark an honest attempt to bring transparency to what is often a difficult-to-understand company.

“Even when you’re skeptical of our choices, we hope these posts give a better sense of how we approach them — and how seriously we take them,” Facebook’s VP of Public Policy & Communications Elliot Schrage wrote in a blog post. “And we believe that by becoming more open and accountable, we should be able to make fewer mistakes, and correct them faster.”

Just talking about problems won’t solve them, but at least Facebook is letting people know it’s thinking about it.