Facebook Will Introduce A “Clear History” Privacy Tool

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was expected to address many of the privacy concerns swirling around his company at its annual F8 developer’s conference this week. However, he made a major announcement beforehand on his personal Facebook page. In his surprise post, Zuckerberg revealed that the site will soon roll out a “Clear History” privacy feature that will wipe your past Facebook browsing. That means also cleaning the info the social media giant gathers from the websites and apps you visit.

“We’re starting with a feature that addresses feedback we’ve heard consistently from people who use Facebook, privacy advocates and regulators: everyone should have more information and control over the data Facebook receives from other websites and apps that use our services,” Erin Egan, Facebook VP and Chief Privacy Officer, wrote in a blog post announcing the feature.  

However, Zuckerberg was also quick to note in his post that people who use this feature could experience a worse version of Facebook by needing to repeatedly sign in to apps and sites they access with Facebook. In Zuck’s words, the site will have to “relearn your preferences” every time. And while that may prove to be an inconvenience, it’s a small price to pay for stronger privacy controls.