Facebook introduces Account Protection security feature

Facebook has released a new security feature called “Account Protection” for its users that notifies you how secure your account is. A bar graph is displayed showing your overall security level based on your privacy, security and applications settings. Settings range from “very low” for minimally protected accounts to “high” for those users that have taken advantage of currently available security controls.

protection bar

To access this new feature, you have two options. If your privacy settings are low, then you might see a link on your News Feed page in the right column. The second option is on the “Update Your Security Information” page which can be located here. Don’t be dismayed if you can’t find this feature just yet. Facebook is testing it out, so not all users have access.

Obviously, if you are shown a “Very Low” protection rating, you will want to take steps to increase the privacy and security of your account. Clicking the “Increase protection” link takes you to page where you can answer questions and tighten up on the security settings of your account. As you answer more questions and progress through this process, you will notice the graphical bar filling up.


Facebook has really gone the extra mile in choosing security questions that are unique and difficult for hackers to penetrate. A weakness in some websites is the generic, run of the mill security questions with answers that can be easily guessed or obtained.

Facebook accounts are getting hacked every day. Not only can it be a major inconvenience, but a compromised account can expose you and your loved ones to other privacy and security risks. It only takes a few minutes to take advantage of this helpful, new feature, so do it now. (if it is available)

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