Facebook mobile dasboard gives more privacy controls

In October, Facebook launched a new dashboard that gives users a single view into how applications use personal data to enhance their experience. This feature shows all of the applications that have been authorized and what data is utilized. The user can see when an application last accessed their data, and applications can be restricted or removed entirely from this interface. Today, Facebook announced that they are making these same controls accessible via mobile devices.

Users will not only have mobile privacy controls, but they will also be able to adjust application access permissions and settings from wherever they are. A list of all current applications along with when they last accessed your information is available in the Applications and Websites section of the privacy settings tab.


Users will also be able to adjust privacy settings that allow access to basic profile information, photos, videos, etc. To view your privacy controls on your mobile device, visit m.facebook.com/privacy or access the Settings page and click the “Change” link next to “Privacy Settings.”

These features are not immediately available to all users, but will be implemented in the coming weeks. Over 200 millions members access Facebook from mobile devices, so this should serve as a welcome enhancement for users wanting to connect safely on the go.

Image Credit: http://blog.facebook.com


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