Facebook scams likely to increase – $25.00 toolkit makes spam campaigns cheap and easy

Websense recently reported on a new toolkit that enables a person with no Facebook development skills to create and distribute the survey scams we have come to loathe so much.

For only $25.00 the would be spammer can purchase ‘Tinie app,’ a viral application toolkit. The kit comes with many options, some with pre-defined templates, as well as, a detailed instruction guide on how to build your custom spam campaign.

Many of the profile spy scams that have infected Facebook recently have been built using this toolkit. The following graphic shows one of the predefined templates that comes standard with the Tinie app purchase:


As we have detailed in many of our reports, every time a survey is completed the scammer gets paid. Web publishers are paid on a Cost Per Action basis and their cut is reported to be anywhere from $0.20 – $2.00 for each survey completed. One can easily see the lure here. There is no telling how much some of the more viral scams have netted their creators.

With Facebook’s massive user base, it comes as no surprise that scammers, spammers, hackers and just about any other cyber criminal you can think of is drawn like a moth to a flame. Facebook users should be on the lookout for these survey scams to increase. Until Facebook gets more proactive in its fight against rogue applications, spam of this nature will continue to flourish.


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