Florida Man Arrested in Massive Facebook Hack

facebook_logo_flatA 30-year-old man in Tallahassee, Florida  has been arrested for hacking into multiple people’s email and Facebook accounts, stealing photos and wreaking general havoc in their online lives.

The suspect, Michael Rubens, hacked one woman’s email and sent messages to her sister and boyfriend asking for “sexy pictures.” He also posted nude or sexual photos of multiple women either on their own Facebook page or on those of their friends. In a particularly sick case, Rubens posted nude photos of one victim on her mother’s Facebook wall, and then hacked the mother’s email to send pictures of the victim to the mother’s contacts. The police were able to track Ruben’s hacking activity by matching up his IP address with the one used for the crimes, and he was arrested and slapped with 31 charges.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a computer expert to orchestrate a widespread hack like this one. However, there are steps you can take to protect your online passwords. Don’t share them with anyone, make it unique to your life and difficult to guess, and try to change it several times a year. It’s also tempting to use the same password across many different online platforms, but it’s more secure to use different ones for each site. That still doesn’t guarantee you’ll be immune from hacking, but it can certainly go a long way toward ensuring your sensitive info is safe.

We also recommend enabling “Login Approvals” on your Facebook account and totally locking it down for maximum privacy and security!