[Guest Post] BitDefender Safego formally launches new era of Facebook user protection

Safego logo**Guest Post From Our Partner at BitDefender Safego**

Do you STILL want to see who viewed your profile?


Thought so. We’re glad to see that the community of security minded online social networkers is growing larger and, just as announced one week ago, we’re happy to have joined forces with our friends from Facecrooks in order to keep the battle against nasty e-tricks going.

According to Safego statistics, from October 2010 (the Safego beta launch date) to June 2011, 24.6% of our users had at least one friend who posted an infected item in his/her News Feed. A total of 340,000 infected items were detected since the beginnings of Safego – namely more than 4.5 per user, on the average. This goes to prove that your account’s safety also depends on how secure your online friends’ accounts are. With this important detail in mind, just remember that applying the simple principle “a friend in need is a friend indeed” (i.e. warn your friends about scams gone wild in their accounts) really pays off.

It’s now time to share with you some good news on our side. BitDefender safego has reached the end of its (long, by some standards, but healthy, by our own) beta stage. The app is now boldly stepping into the big world, equipped with a set of new tools that will keep you and your friends safe and close.

Account Protection

Warns you & protects your account against social network-specific scams

Automatically scans the posts in your Newsfeed for spam messages and for malicious links

Friend Safe Net

With the Publish to Wall option enabled, Safego automatically warns your friends when “fishy” links are posted in their Newsfeeds, by publishing a warning on the respective friends’ Walls.

The newly added Friend’O’Meter feature helps you build a safe network of friends whose accounts are protected by Safego.

Extra Scanning Benefits – Bitdefender QuickScan

In less than 60 seconds, you get a safety status check provided by Bitdefender QuickScan, the lightning fast PC scanner powered by the award-winning Bitdefender anti-malware technologies.

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