Hacking Group Targets Mark Zuckerberg — Again

facebook-monthly-fee1-300x202Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hacked again this week by a group that also broke into his social media accounts in June, according to a report in CNET.

The group, which calls itself OurMine, defaced Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account by changing his bio to read “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security.” The hackers told CNET that they did not access Zuckerberg’s account through a leaked database, but instead had broken into Pinterest itself.

They also said that Zuckerberg had enabled two-factor authentication since OurMine cracked his Pinterest and Twitter accounts in June. (The group also provided CNET with Zuckerberg’s Twitter password and the phone number associated with his social media accounts as proof of what they’d done, though the tech publication didn’t reveal that information for obvious reasons.)

Facebook’s CEO is not the only high-profile figure in tech to be hit by an OurMine hack; the group also targeted Google’s CEO and Uber’s founder earlier this year. They claim to provide security against hacks like the ones they perpetrate on users, though their actions are likely more of a publicity stunt than anything.

Even though OurMine seems to have harmless fun at the expense of public figures, it’s still striking how easily they were able to access the accounts of famous tech users — and how even the creator of Facebook himself is susceptible to privacy problems.