How to Find Missing Posts on Your Facebook Timeline

facebook_logo_by_oguzburaksipsak-d4ubonk.pngIf you’ve tried to scroll back through your Facebook profile and find old posts you want to get rid of, you might’ve noticed that some of them have disappeared. However, as The New York Times pointed out in a helpful tech Q&A this week, they’re not actually gone, and there’s any easy way you can find them.

After several days, your Facebook Timeline will begin to show only “Highlighted” posts. However, if you want to reveal all of your content, you can scroll through about a weeks worth of info until you see a small break between stories. Then click on the menu icon next to “Highlights,” and select “All Stories.”

If you’re looking for a specific post, there’s an even easier way to hone in on content you want to delete. To the right of the Timeline column, click the month or year you’re looking for in the shaded grey area. Then click on the “Highlights/All Stories” menu to see Timeline items, or click the “More Posts” option to continue exploring content from a particular time.

Many people forget about what they post on Facebook the second they click “Update,” but if there’s a post from you’re past that you’re seriously regretting, there are thankfully several easy steps you can take to wipe it from your history.