How to Opt Out of Facebook’s New Ad Tracking Feature

privacy_eyeFacebook recently announced that it would begin tracking users’ web browsing activity off of Facebook, and use that information for its targeted advertising. It also said that it will not honor the “Do Not Track” feature included in many web browsers. Thankfully, users will be able to opt out of this ad tracking, and also access a tab on each ad that informs them why they’re being shown it. This week, ZDNet published a step-by-step breakdown for how users can opt out of the intrusive new feature.

Users will need to use the Digital Advertising Alliance’s privacy portal tool, which will scan your web browser history to tell you which ad networks will honor your requests to no longer receive advertising. With this function, the DAA will set a cookie in your web browser that informs Facebook that you don’t want them to collect your information for use in advertising. However, you can only opt out of Facebook’s feature in one browser or on one device at a time.

To opt out on Apple mobile devices, go to “Settings,” then “General.” From there, click on “Restrictions” and “Advertising,” and select “Limit Ad Tracking.” To opt out on Android mobile devices, go to “Settings,” then “Google Settings” and “Ads.” Check the box for “Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads.”