How To Protect Photos You are Tagged in From Facebook Creeping

Facebook privacy issuesEverybody has photos on Facebook that they want to hide. However, even if you hide tagged photos from your Timeline or leave tagged photos pending approval in your Timeline Review, they might be more visible than you think.

Facebook’s Graph Search feature lets any user access every photo you’re tagged in by simply searching “Photos of (your name).” It’s that simple. Even if you’ve hid tagged photos from your feed, they will still pop up in a search. Thankfully, there are a couple easy ways to protect you from this kind of creeping.

First, you can simply untag yourself from photos. This removes them from Facebook’s searchable database of pictures. However, it can be difficult to remember every individual image you want to conceal, so there’s also a way to blanket-hide your pictures. Go to “Settings,” then select the “Timeline and Tagging” tab.

From there, you’ll see several questions, including “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” On that tab, you can select the audience for posts that you’re tagged in, and set it to “Only Me.” That means all tagged images of you will be removed from your Facebook page and only you will be able to view them.

We often have readers ask us how they can keep their personal photos from being downloaded or copied by others. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good solution for this. If someone can see the image, then they can screen shot the photo or sometimes download it directly. The best thing you can do is to be very selective on what you upload and who you share it with in the first place.

Even if you think your pics are safe, it’s still a good idea to double-check and make sure Facebook’s Graph Search isn’t digging deeper into your past than you might think.