How To Stop Apps From Posting To Facebook On Your Behalf

app_centerIf you’ve ever signed into an app using your Facebook credentials, that app may be able to do things with your information—including posting to your profile—that you aren’t aware of. That’s a scary thought, but while it’s a good idea to carefully manage the number of apps you give your information to, there’s an easier way to control them without completely eliminating them from your profile.

First, click on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of Facebook’s desktop navigation. Choose “Settings,” and then open up the “Apps” page. There you’ll find all of the apps you’ve connected to your Facebook profile. (You may be surprised by the sheer amount of them, or by the appearance of apps you’ve long since forgotten downloading.) If you want to delete the app completely, simple click on the “X” icon next to its name. But if you want to manage your apps, click on the pencil icon.

Then you’ll find the information you really want to know, split into three main categories: the visibility of the app’s posts on your profile, the exact information the app can access and what the app can do. If the app can post on your behalf, you’ll see a “Post” button that you can uncheck. You can also change the audience for an app to “Only Me,” so no one else can see it on your Timeline.

Image Credit: Facebook