How To Withhold Your Info From Facebook Apps

app_centerIt’s certainly convenient to log in to apps using the blue “Log in with Facebook” button instead of creating a username and password. However, as with most shortcuts on the web, there’s a cost to that convenience: a lot of your personal information gets handed over to those apps. However, Facebook has introduced an easy way for you to prevent that from happening.

When you previously logged into an app via Facebook, you would be presented with a screen showing all of the personal info you “agreed” to give the app. Of course, there was a pretty major catch: you could only approve or cancel the app download. If you didn’t want to give the app your info, you were out of luck. However, now a link appears below your personal info, saying “edit the info you provide.”

When you click the link, you’re presented with your personal information in a bulleted format. From there, you can uncheck the items you want (including email address, birthday, Likes, friend list and more) and prevent them from going to the app.

As Mashable notes, it’s a good idea to periodically check the security settings of the apps you use, and if you haven’t used one in a while, to disconnect it from your Facebook profile altogether.