How to disable the Facebook Ticker

Another recent “feature” implemented by Facebook has been met with much disdain and complaint by the user community. There is a new ticker appearing in the right column of Facebook user accounts. Not only is it annoying, but many people don’t want their every comment, like, update, etc. broadcast via the ticker.

So far, there are a couple of options to remove the ticker from displaying on your page: The first is to use the Ad Block extension for Firefox and Chrome. Here are more detailed instructions:

1) Download the Add On “AdBlock Plus” Firefox Chrome
2) After AdBlock Plus is installed go into it’s preferences and click “Add Filter”.
3) To remove the new “Ticker” paste in:[class=”homeFixedTicker”]
4) To remove the new “App Ticker” also add in:[class=”fixedAux”]

We have not personally verified this work around, but several users are reporting success with it.

Another option is to use the SocialFixer extension, formerly known as Better Facebook. Many of our readers are big fans of this add-on, and you should definitely check it out.

More importantly, you should audit and edit your list of installed applications, so that your information isn’t appearing on the Tickers of your Facebook friends. Access your application settings by clicking here, or following these steps: in the upper right corner, then click . At this point, select the link in the left column. This will display a list of your installed applications. Click the “Edit” link for each application and select “Only Me” in the section of the app configuration.


In theory this should work. Since the ticker isn’t working on our account we aren’t 100% sure at this point.

You can also find an an entry on the Ticker that was published by your account. Hover your mouse over the entry and an “x” will appear in the right corner. Click the “x” and click the “Don’t Publish” option.

Hiding your “Recent Activity” may also keep items from posting to the Ticker, again we haven’t and won’t be able to confirm this until we can test it for ourselves. To learn how to keep your recent activity from posting to your Wall check out this article:

New Facebook controls allow users to easily hide “Recent Activity

We are treading new territory here with the Ticker, and not having access to the feature is making it hard for us to issue timely information for our readers. We will update this post when more information is available.

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